World's First Ever Green Energy Blockchain Ecosystem

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The World's First Ever Green Blockchain Ecosystem

What is EGridd's Ecosystem?

Our ecosystem comprises of:

  1. EGridd Green Energy Generation (EGEG)
  2. EGridd Central Energy Exchange (ECEE)
  3. EGridd Decentralized Exchange (EDEX)

EGridd ecosystem accommodates to any form of green energies, for now and the future. Green energy could be generated by various types of ways including wind, earth, thermal, compose, sunlight, and many more. In EGridd, we valued all types of green energies and we strongly believe, EGridd will be a statutory legislator in the coming era of green energy source where you could utilize it at various purposes under one roof.

One of the latest green energy generations from EGridd will be with a breakthrough patented magnetic rotational technology. Instead of just pure electricity generation, we couple this with a blockchain where each kilowatt of electricity born is a new emission of our electricity token. This technology will become a de-facto of a new electricity standard where each kilowatt of power is fully accounted for and unchangeable. This token will be placed on ECEE where any electricity users will have direct outreach to the green energy within clicks on our decentralized App. The generated blockchain token can easily be traded or SWAP within our EDEX to any other cryptocurrency like Binance Coin (BNB), Binance Digital USD (BUSD), or USD Tether (USDT) and any other cryptocurrencies. In addition, users can further access to our pools and farms within our EDEX to possibly enhanced their financial yield.

EGridd’s ecosystem provides unparalleled high transaction throughput, removes ambiguity on electricity meter readings, and the development is geared towards a better user experience with blockchain technology. EGridd, a beginning of a new electricity era.


EGridd is a green energy token that governs and applies the most advance technology in the blockchain ecosystem to enable a greener environment around the world.

Through this breakthrough technology, EGridd empowers users to experience, generate and yield green energy within the EGridd’s Decentralized Finance (De-Fi) platform. EGridd’s DeFi platform is managed under its own developed green energy ecosystem by utilizing blockchain technology that will enhance the delivery of traditional electricity.

Why us?

1. EGridd is a crypto farm with tangible businesses and breakthrough technology never seen before.

2. Our green technology ecosystem is designed to legislate and support future green technologies towards creating a better lifestyle and world.

3. Our green energy ecosystem will provide end to end solutions for investors, thereby allowing opportunities to play their parts in improving the world, while at the same time to grow their portfolios financially.


EGridd Green Energy Genration (EGEG) welcomes current green energy technology and future new development. The following is one of our technology discovery based on a simple magnetic theory. When 2 magnets of the same poles meet, they dispel, while 2 opposite poles meet, they attract. 

By placing an array of magnets in different directions, it translates to a spinning momentum rotor. This is a magnet generator.

By using this patented rotational motor technology, it’s the born of one in many EGridd Green Energy Generation (EGEG) generators namely EGEG-01.


Our Core Team


We are currently launching the EGRIDD token. EGRIDD token is minted utilizing Binance Smart Chain (BEP-20) smart contract. Being a green energy company, our tokens are all pre-mined with a initial circulation supply of 1,000,000,000 EGRIDD.

Binance Smart Chain is optimized for ultra-fast transaction speed and crossed chain compatibility. As such, this makes EGRIDD flexible, scalable, and reliable as a settlement unitwithin the blockchain ecosystem. With this selection of Binance Smart Chain, it’s a partnership with the largest cryptocurrencies liquidity in the world.


For further inquiries, feel free to reach out to us at the following email or fill-up the form. Thank you.

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